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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Overture, Curtain, Lights...

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Paradise is taking the stage...
Cautiously optimistic, I shuffled in with the rest of the crowd, and found an empty seat.  In front of me was a stage, adorned with a banner above, a linen covered table with a vase of pink roses, and a pitcher of water and a glass for the speaker.  Behind me was a DJ/AV guy providing lighting, upbeat music, and the right pitch of hype that was needed for such a production.  My cautiousness faded to curiosity, wondering what was in store for me and the other 39 people whose eyes were also focused on the stage.

In bounds a young man, he hops up on stage and addresses us enthusiastically - the crowd responds in agreement.  We rise to our feet and begin applauding... and then from stage right she enters ... star struck and in awe, I realize she is exactly where I am meant to be.... and I will do anything to be there.  She took the stage, stopped, breathed, and acknowledged each of us sitting in her presence with a warm smile, a nod, and eye contact with her piercing blue eyes that sparkled with the expertly lit stage lighting.  I was immediately drawn in, and any hesitation I felt about this weekend vanished in the lime light.  The beautiful part of this moment was she was UP on that stage for one purpose - to teach me to take my own stage.  She was going to teach me how to be just as dazzling, just as mesmerizing, and just as magnetizing as she was... I was riveted to the edge of my seat.  She opened with asking us if we wanted to fill our workshops and make more money - we enthusiastically shouted "YES!!"  ... She then brought us through her turning point story - a story of highs, lows, humbling lessons and an amazingly successful outcome.  We applauded wildly.  We high-fived each other and celebrated.  From her story, I could see hope and possibilities for me.  It was exciting! 

Callan Rush, Co-founder, Leader to Luminary
For the next three days I study her every move as she leads us through the ins and outs of educational marketing.  I am enthralled with not only what she is teaching me from her lesson plan, but what she is teaching me by example.  She has a nutritionist bringing her green drinks, fruit, nuts and cheese, and most importantly, water - Fuji seemed to be her favored brand.  The DJ/AV and the warm-up announcer got us in a frothy frenzy before she entered the room after each break.  Her assistants made sure she had every thing she needed including papers, notes, markers, props - so her attention was exactly where it was supposed to be - on us - her audience.  As a result, our attention was exactly where it was supposed to be - on her, our leader.  Something told me this wasn't her first time at the rodeo. 

For three days I fantasized being on my own stage, leading an audience through transformations, creating an atmosphere, creating a buzz.  On the plane ride home, as I drifted off in a exhausted post-event slumber, my head remained in the clouds as I dreamed of being announced, taking the stage, and transforming lives.

After a few days home ... the spotlights dimmed and the stage became a distant memory.  Work had to be done, and I had no entourage at my beck and call.  Reality set in.  Off to coach my next client, write my next blog, file my taxes, and do my paperwork.  It's all in a days work, and I have no stage hands bringing me lattes. 

All the world's a stage
And all the men and women merely players
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts - Shakespeare

Sitting face to face with my client Tim*, I listened intently as he excitedly shared a break through with me.  I was riveted to the edge of my seat.  He took me through the challenges he had, the process it took to get to transformation, the "Ah-HA!" moment he experienced, and the amazing successful, life changing experience he had as a result.  He humbly said "If not for our conversation last week, I never would have thought of it that way -this changed my LIFE"  I jumped up and exclaimed "YES!!!"  - we both celebrated with high fives and "atta-boy's"... we basked in the moment and I had Tim* take a bow.  I applauded wildly... I finished the session with Tim, and sent him on his way with a list of the next things he would take on and tackle for the week - because nothing from this day forward would hold him back.

I sat back down in my chair, brought my laptop to my knees to finish his coaching summary notes reflecting on the amazing performance I just witnessed ... and the curtain drew.   No entourage waited in the wings... no DJ/AV guy played upbeat music.... none was needed - because that moment was enough.  It is that moment that I live for - it is my all star performance, the one that receives rave reviews and burns in the memory of the audience.

 Overture, Curtain, Lights... this is it, let's hit the heights, and OH what heights we'll hit!!

Paradise is Here, Paradise is Now ... Paradise is hitting the heights...