Paradise is Sharing...

I AM ...

I am a mountain ~ I am birds singing and trees rustling ~ I am my Destiny ~ I am her brown eyes looking at me with trust ~ I am a timid deer crossing a river ~ I am an eagle soaring ~ I am the shimmering gleams of light sparkling across the water ~ I am the warm sun on my back ~ I am the cool soil of the earth ~ I am Destinys soft, white, downey fur ~ I am the cork handle of my fly-rod, I am the swishing of my fly line ~ I am pure clean air ~ I am clean fresh water ~I am made just for me

 One of the hardest things to do (for me) is to write a personal bio.  Not sure why it comes with such difficulty.  I can write about anything and everyone else with ease.  But for some reason, writing out specific tidbits of information that sums up who I am so the reader can get a clear picture of my SELF freaks me out a little.  And really are no words to define me, you have to get to know me.  I am convinced that the Buddhas flower sermon was to teach us that very lesson... sometimes there are no words - sometimes, to get your point across, you simply have to BE.  Those who get it, get it... those who don't, aren't ready to get it yet - and that's ok.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and enjoy walking along this journey with me of self-discovery.  I am exploring and expanding my life  - looking at all aspects of my spirituality, health and wellness, acceptance, balance and Grace.  My lessons are presented to me daily from the Universe, and my sages are my friends, my family, my clients, and yes, probably most especially, my dogs.

Sometimes my mind is so muddled I miss the lesson, which to me is equivalent to sleeping through class.  My intention is to be awake to learn the lessons, walk the path, and document my journeys lest my feeble memory never forget.

And so this bio will remain as fluid and ever changing as the rivers I like to fish.

I Am Cilly...

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