Paradise is Sharing...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Paradise - Rediscovered ....

I woke up on this beautiful Sunday morning, with the intention of tackling my to-do list with a vengeance.  MyHubby is still in bed, and I had the quiet morning to drink my tea, catch up on emails and enjoy the new heater MyHubby bought me for Christmas to warm my "writing corner."  I am working on creating a series of programs for my coaching business, and was looking forward to a couple hours of productivity before the house came alive. 

But, in regular procrastination fashion, I logged on to Facebook, checked my Instagram account, and then looked at my Timehop timeline.   Scrolling back, I found an entry from 5 years ago "Happy Birthday Sweet Destiny - Rest In Paradise...."   and the emotion ran as raw as if I typed the words yesterday.   Today would have been Destiny's birthday.  She would have been 19 today, which of course, I realize is longer than a dog's life expectancy, but the fact of the matter was, 19 years ago today, I was given a gift from the Universe - my soul mate was born.  The same soul mate that shared this earth with me for 13 years, and the one who continues to send me strength, messages, and wisdom from Paradise.  She is the one who showed me that Paradise exists - not only for those who cross over the bridge, but also for those of us still on this plain ... we just have to slow down, and look and listen.  Paradise is here, Paradise is now, Paradise is (fill in the blank).

In my moment of nostalgia - I went back and re-read some entries on this blog.. I read about Kindred Spirits, Silver Girls and Self-Discovery.  I remembered the personal growth and healing I experienced because I took the time to Find Paradise.  Tears streamed down my face as I read the blog entries - and I also laughed, and marveled at the journey I've been on.  This blog has been neglected - and Paradise hasn't been captured, let alone noticed in my life lately.   I promised Destiny that our Adventures would live on.... and while I've been "busy" and I have certainly had adventures - (I got married, rebranded my business, and am currently fulfilling my life-long dream to be a Maine Guide) - I haven't been taking the time to find the Paradise in the adventures, let alone capture the moments and write about them.  Today, I am making a new promise.  Not to you, not to Destiny,  but to myself..... Our Adventures not only live on, but I will write about them - preserve them, so that when I get busy, when I get distracted and caught up in my own world - Paradise will be documented, waiting for me to notice her once again. 

Paradise is here, Paradise is Now .... Paradise is rediscovered.