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Friday, July 13, 2012

My Mountain is Waiting ....

I have very little precious time lately.  I am working full tilt on a project and I have deadlines coming up. Every moment I have scheduled to work on it has got to be productive... so when I sat down to write out my invitations to my Open House for my Masterminds event and fell asleep, I couldn't have been more angry with myself when I awoke.  But, I couldn't keep my eyes open... so I went to bed at 9pm.

This morning I woke up with the sun.  I grabbed my laptop, eager to make up for the time I lost last night.  I hopped on Facebook a moment to catch up on the current events of friends and colleagues, and saw another coach had posted her launch of her mastermind group.  Another coach has a book deal.  Another coach is being interviewed on a network television show.  Another coach just launched her new podcast.

I looked at myself in my yoga pants (even though I have never done a day of yoga in my life), my disheveled hair, and half a cup of coffee in, and I realized these professionals are probably already conquering the world this morning, and I haven't even brushed my teeth yet. Discouraged, I thought to myself "These other coaches are running laps around me"... and I opened up my word document and clumsily started writing up my invitations, noticed the clock, and realized I had to leave for my appointment.  Before logging off, my inspirational quote of the day popped  up "You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting ... so get on your way!"  ~ Dr. Suess

Last month when MyHoney and I hiked up Bald Mt, I felt like the fat kid in gym class all over again.  I am really out of shape, and I was huffing, puffing and cursing my way up the trail.  Now mind you, this is an easy hike... people of all ages hike it - people with babies on their back, people who are in their 80's, little kids....  As they passed us on the trail going up, and then not long after, came back down - often walking past us with words of encouragement - "The view is beautiful".... or "You don't have that much further to go"...  I would get pangs of jealousy that they made the hike look so easy.  They weren't covered in sweat - they weren't huffing and puffing and taking breaks to catch their breath.  I had to remind myself that they are in far better shape, and are way more experienced.  They have the right gear, they do this all the time, and they know how to pace themselves.

Launching a new business is like mountain climbing.  There are people who have been doing it longer, have more experience, better gear, and know how to pace themselves, who will get to the summit before you do.  It's ok... the summit will still be there waiting for you.  The summit doesn't favor them any more than it favors you.  The view will be just as amazing for you as it was for them.  Your Mountain is waiting ... so take a breather... take a drink of water... take in the view... and get on your way.  And if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting on the couch in your yoga pants... it will continue to wait.  Enjoy your hike...because it's your hike... it's your mountain.

Paradise is here, Paradise is now.... Paradise is patiently waiting....

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