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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Spirit...

Paradise is in a martini glass...
Digging my spoon into my creme brulee, and taking a sip from my amazing peanut butter martini, I sat at the Bar of Chocolate, flirting unashamedly with MyHoney as he savored his chocolate torte. 

Not wanting this evening to end, I decided I would extend the invitation ... "Wanna walk around after and see the Holiday decorations?" I asked in hopeful anticipation that he would say yes.   With whipped cream on his lip, he agreed that my suggestion was positively the most awesome idea he had ever heard and I was sheer genius for thinking of it.  My my .... touche MyDear... you are most definitely on your flirtatious game as well sir. Well played... well played.

Full of chocolate and spirits, we strolled out onto the streets of the Old Port, and walked hand-in-hand down the cobble stone sidewalks to Monument Square to check out this year's Yule Tree.  The air was crisp, cold and clean, and the moon gleamed with Jupiter shining like a diamond drop.  The holiday lights of the Old Port sparkled, the shop windows gleamed with their winter scenes, and the city was quiet.  Thomas Kinkade, eat your heart out.

Holiday Tree, Monument Square
Wasn't I just muttering just a few hours before that I wasn't in the Holiday Spirit?  Wasn't I just bemoaning about having to get all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, wrapping and holiday festivities done like a chore list?  The Scrooge really had nothing on me and my attitude earlier that day, so how is it I am walking though the streets of our beloved city, snapping pictures of holiday lights, and excitedly chatting with MyHoney about our Holiday plans?  Maybe I wasn't in the Holiday Spirit, because I wasn't supposed to be.  You don't get in the spirit, the spirit is in YOU.

I didn't have to get in the Holiday Spirit... the Holiday Spirit is in ME.

It's not like at the end of the Holidays we take off our Holiday Spirits like our winter coats and store it away for the Spring.  No... instead it simply lies dormant until we rekindle it with a memory, an awareness, or a childlike wonder ...  and then it springs forth like a burning inferno.
Paradise is Holiday Lights, Old Port, Maine

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.  ~Charles Dickens

How about you?  What rekindles your Holiday Spirit?  Looking at holiday lights?  Decorating the tree?  Playing Holiday music?  Let your Spirit shine.

Paradise is Here, Paradise is Now..... Paradise is Holiday Spirit .... 


  1. For me, the big thing that wakes up my spirit is our holiday plans at work...we find a family to help that is truly deserving, collect our donations from employees and others, divide up the wish list for shopping, and present the gifts to our bosses at our holiday party with the family's story. Then we all gather an evening before Christmas and wrap the gifts for the parents to pick up. This, is the spirit to me.

    1. That is such a great way to awaken your spirit! When you give to others, the gift of joy comes back to you!


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