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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Forget Me Not...

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Sometimes I fear I am losing my mind.  Ya, I know... I'm not even 40 yet.  I am far from the age where details and memories should be slipping my mind, but here I am ... frustrated that I can't remember simple things like where I left my keys, or what I had for breakfast, or ... what was I saying?

That is one reason I keep journals and blogs - so I don't forget.  A friend of mine has an amazing memory - she remembers conversations we had when we were 9 years old.  I sometimes remember games we played, things we did, and sometimes, if it was significant enough, words that were spoken... but it amazes me the detail in which she remembers things. 

Some things I would like to forget... and I do my best not to dwell on them... but there are some treasures I never want to lose - so I keep my journals, my blogs and most treasured - my photographs.  It is how I hold on to the people, animals, and memories I love so much.

I used to get frustrated with people who couldn't remember me.  It's one thing to forget someones name, (which I OFTEN DO) but I never forget a face.  I guess in my own little twisted world, everyone should live up to the same standards as me... <<eye roll>>

I attend alot of networking events, and one in particular, I used to attend each month.  We all wear name tags, and after attending a few times, you see many familiar faces amongst the crowd.  One person in particular (we will call him Jack) would come up with me, and without fail extend his hand and say "HI! I'm Jack, and you are?".... the first three times I would politely re-introduce myself.  On the fourth encounter I gently said "Yes, we've met" ...  on the fifth, I hate to admit, I was not as cordial - and when he bounded up to me and said "HI, I'm Jack ... have we met?" I responded "Hi Jack (ha ha .. hi-jack)... YES we've met before ...several times!" and I listed off every time and place that we had encountered each other before.  I think I not only embarrassed him, but alienated him because after that, he would see me, but then pretend he didn't know me at all. 

I even told other people (my inner circle) that I thought Jack was an ass.. (ha ha... Jack-ass) because he couldn't remember who I was, despite the numerous times we had met.  I ranted that he must do way too much networking, and how connected can he really be if he can't remember people he has met - 5 times??  Yes... I bad mouthed this individual... and now I am hanging my head and asking the Universe to forgive me.

Why the change of heart?  Forget me nots....

At one point, the monthly networking event rolled around, and I really didn't have the heart to go... I was feeling a little drained, a little stressed, and a little tired.  Not great circumstances to go meet with people and try to make business connections.  But I talked myself into going... and when I got there, instead of writing my usual "Priscilla Hansen, Key Potential Coaching" on my name tag... I simply wrote "Awesome"

As I milled around the room, I greeted people and shook their hands enthusiastically.  They would take one look at my name tag and say "Hey, I know you! You're Awesome!" and I said "Yes, and I believe we've met before - You're Fabulous!!!"... and so the evening went. 

 It dawned on me that it was never Jack's fault he couldn't remember who I was.... it was mine... I didn't leave him a lasting impression.  Forget - He - Did.

At the next networking event, I wore my regular nametag announcing my given name  "Priscilla Hansen"... but people remembered me- they remembered me as AWESOME.

Paradise is here, Paradise is now.... Paradise is leaving a lasting impression..  Forget Me Not.

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  1. Hey Awesome,
    Fabulous post! One I'm not sure to forget any time soon.
    Creatively Amazing!


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