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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Teeter Totter

This morning I had a little flashback to when I was younger, when my friend would invite me to her grandparents summer camp.  At the camp was a playground, and she and I would sit on the teeter totter for hours... up and down... up and down... chatting away about the camp activities, friends and of course... boys. 

Because we varied in weight (I was always heavier than most my friends) we figured out the exact places to sit .She sat further back on the board, while I sat so close to the handle if jounced I would come crashing down on it.  But with practice, we were able to teeter and totter despite our differences in size.  We also liked to see how long we could both be suspended in air... perfectly balanced.  We discovered the only way to balance perfectly was to sit completely still.  Even one movement as slight as brushing our hair out of our eyes or giggling would send one of us up, and one of us down.  But, so long as we sat perfectly still, we would remain suspended... both evenly lifted off the ground... and we would grin at each other until one of us would undoubtedly start laughing, and we would have to start all over again.

I thought of this as I was writing copy for my personal coaching brochure on "work/life balance".... I think what is common is we fall into a trap of feeling we have to "DO" something to achieve balance... when often times - to achieve balance... we just have to sit still.  Be still. Breathe. Sit quietly.  Focus on what being balanced IS.  BE balanced.... and if you get off balance - try again.  Be still. Breathe. Sit quietly. Focus.

And, well, if you get off balance because you break out into a barrage of giggles... go with that ...

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