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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Fathers Day Weekend, 2012

We awoke early to finish packing so we could get on the road.  I was finishing packing up the coolers, as MyHoney was dutifully staying clear by busying himself on the computer.  I have been going to camp all my life, and have done this trip solo most of my adult life.  As much as I love "help", sometimes "helping me pack" is actually staying the hell out of my way, and MyHoney does that soooo very well.

As I am putting the finishing touches on packing the kitchen items, MyHoney asks me if he can start carrying things down to the car.  Absolutely.  He reached for my back pack, and I explained I wanted to pack that one last.  He obediently grabbed everything else, and walked down to the car.  My heart felt heavy and I questioned myself again... "Am I really ready to let her go?"... and walked over to the entertainment center.. picked up the little pine box and paw print.  Soon, my tears splashed on the top, scattering the dust that had collected.  I stood there for a long time contemplating putting it back, when I felt someone was watching me.  Turning, expecting it to be MyHoney, I realized I was alone in the room... with just Lexi.  Her brown eyes were fixated on me... flickering and waiting for me to notice her.  I set my eyes on hers, and her face turned from anticipation to wonderment.  "Are you ok?" she asked.  "Momma... are you ok?"

Her face expressed deep concern.  Her little body sat perfectly still, her front paws tapped anxiously at the carpet softly.  I realized my little puppy clown, was actually reassuring me.  I wiped my eyes and smiled at her.... her eyes sparkled back... "OH good! You are ok!"  she flashed her smile and softly beat her tail on the carpet... Wag-wag.  Wag-wag.  She continued to look at me, accessing my emotions and well being.  Even after hearing the screen door slap indicating that MyHoney was coming up the stairs.  Finally, breaking her stare, she walked over and leaned against my leg.

I slipped the little pine box and paw print in my back pack.   C'mon Lexi  - Load Up, Little Pup! We're going to Camp!  A few spins, tail chases and zoomies later... we were loaded up and on our way.

Paradise is Here, Paradise is Now.... Paradise is reassurance from a friend.

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