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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Return to Paradise

June 13th, 2012

A little over three years have gone by, and sitting on my entertainment center shelf is a little pine box with a terra cotta paw print on top.  Surrounding the box is pictures of Destiny - snap shots in time when we had adventures together.  I can see the make-shift shrine as I sit on my couch, watching TV.  Curled up beside me is my little White Sprite - Lexi.

MyHoney and I have plans to go to Rangeley the weekend of Fathers Day weekend.  Flipping channels, I catch the weather report - the weekend is supposed to be spectacular.  Clear, sunny days.... starlit nights.  Perfect for camping.  I stood up, stretched, and decided I better get packing.  MyHoney will be by tomorrow night, and we will be off Thursday morning.  Once again, my eyes went to the little pine box... there will never be a more perfect weekend to fulfill a promise.  I struggled with the idea of slipping the box and terracotta paw print into my backpack.

Last summer, when I was going through a terrible time - depression, sickness, financial problems - I had sat with that paw print and little pine box, rocking back and forth on the floor, weeping like a child.  I longed for the reassurance Destiny used to give me.  I wanted to bury my face into her soft white fur and feel her resolve that I was going to be ok.  Instead, White Sprite curled up in my lap and licked tears off my face.... and I giggled at her antics and levity.  Lexi is my comic relief ... "little white clown with a pink nose... how did your nose get so pink?" I sang to her as I wiped my eyes..  My singing sent her into a fit of joy and tail chasing, and ... well, who can cry when a fuzzy clown is fervently trying to catch her tail?

My gaze shifted from the little pine box to Lexi, who was staring at me expectantly, knowing something exciting was happening.  C'mon little pup - let's get packing!  

MyHoney arrived that evening and we started packing up the car.  "So, what are the plans for the weekend?"... I stopped chopping veggies, looked up and paused.... "I think we should hike into Angel Falls...."

"I love that idea"  ... I didn't have to explain to MyHoney what I wanted to do .. he knew.  It was time to return the Queen to her Paradise...

Paradise is Here, Paradise is Now..... Paradise is going Home... 

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