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Monday, August 6, 2012

Everything is Perfect....

“Everything is perfect in the universe - even your desire to improve it.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Sometimes I get in a funk.  Some days, finding small glimmers of Paradise in my ordinary existence can be a challenge.  It's even MORE challenging if I make the mistake of snapping on the TV first thing in the morning to watch the news.  Being reminded of the pain and tragedy happening all around us makes it difficult to remember that I am in Paradise.

One of the Empowerment Foundation Principles we learn at iPec Coaching is "There are No Mistakes ~ Everything is Perfect"... it's actually Principle #1. 

I had a hard time wrapping my mind around that principle during the weeks of training, and the months that followed.  At the time, nothing in my world seemed perfect, and countless mistakes seemingly were made.  My marriage was falling apart, my job was thankless and stressful, my dog got sick.... But after the storm, I saw how perfect everything fell into place.  Ending my marriage was the first step in opening up my life to new possibilities.  Ending my job opened doors to my coaching practice.  And my dog being sick, and eventually passing away... you may ask what was so perfect about that?  It was perfect.  I spent hours, days and moments with her that I never would have spent if she had been healthy.  We came together spiritually in her healing, and we forever bonded in her death.  Her life was perfect.... and so is mine. 

Mornings like today, just watching the news, challenge my belief of Universal Perfection.  What is perfect about a madman going into a place of worship and killing peaceful people?  The news is filled with examples of how our world is seemingly imperfect.  But by focusing on the tragedy of their deaths, we are forgetting we are bigger than this life.  The people who were murdered had a purpose here, and part of their purpose was their death.  Our spirits are here on a mission....  our death is not the end of their existence.  Thank them for their contribution.  Even when you don't understand.

Rather than spending energy thinking about evil in the world, mad men with guns, violence, and the fear and the horror of the event... I choose to remember the meaning of the lives of each individual person, the beauty of their existence, and the wholeness of their lives.  Their lives were whole, they were complete.  They were not "cut short"... they were here for exactly as long as they were supposed to be - even if we don't understand why they are suddenly gone.   Their lives, and their death - was perfect.  Honor that perfection.  Be grateful for their lives, the lessons they gave us, and the peace that can come as a result.  We also need to remember we may not see the perfection in our life time.  The circle may take eons to complete - but just believe it will be completed - Nothing in nature is left uncompleted.  The meaning of this madness may not reveal itself to you, but it will be revealed.  I take comfort in this knowing.  It makes watching the news bearable knowing the Universe is Perfect.
I realized this morning, after shutting off the TV, that I create Paradise... I am the one who Found it... When I feel sad, upset, depressed about what I see on the news - that is the world I will find myself living in - one that is filled with things to make me sad and angry like murder, rape, violence.   I am not suggesting we all walk around with rose colored glasses, but if we truly believe that we create the world we live in, our feelings and energy is the paint.  I choose to be grateful for the loving people who gathered that day in their place of worship.  I choose to feel peace that their lives were perfect.  I choose to feel hopeful that their families will find comfort.  My world will be created with the paint of gratitude, peace and hope.  I choose the paint - I am the brush.  
“Look upon every experience you’ve ever had, and every one who’s ever played any role in your life, as having been sent to you for your benefit. In this universe, which was created by a divine, organizing intelligence, there are simply no accidents.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Paradise is here, Paradise is now..... Paradise is perfect.

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