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Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Walk With .... MyHoney

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.  ~ John Muir

Walking hand-in-hand through the crunching leaves, with the warm sun on our backs and brilliant blue sky above us, MyHoney and I set out on our new weekly routine, a walk in the woods with our puppy dogs.  Last week, we didn't make it all the way to the ponds... His steps were slow, careful, tedious.  He swayed, but didn't lose balance, but the extra effort of staying upright took a toll on his endurance, we turned around at the one mile marker.  But it didn't matter, he accomplished what he set out to do - to get outside, enjoy the autumn air, and take a few small steps.  A mile later, I marveled at how his small steps added up.  I am blown away at where his small steps have gotten him today.

Slow, steady, amazing progress MyHoney has made in the last few weeks.  From depending on a walker two days after his surgery - shuffling slowly, bumping into furniture, wobbly on his feet, unsure of himself, blurred vision and confusion ... to advancing to walking sticks - cautiously taking one small step after another, getting stronger each day, depending on the poles less and less.... to yesterday, navigating down a leafy trail, enjoying the autumn sunshine, laughing at the crazy antics of our dogs, seeing more clearly than he has in weeks.  He has taken his recovery in stride - at first small strides, but strides none the less.  I never knew or understood baby steps until watching him bravely take them each step of the way in his recovery.  Sometimes baby steps are so small, to the person taking them, they feel like they are standing still.  To the people around you, watching you make them, you are making leaps and bounds.... Sometimes, you need someone walking by your side to remind you of that.

Sometimes our advancement towards our goals seems so tedious and so slow, we feel like we aren't making any progress at all.... until one day you stop, wipe your brow and look back to see where you've been.  When three short weeks ago you were laying in a hospital bed, recovering from your second brain surgery in two weeks .. unable to stand on your own power, weak from being hospitalized for weeks ... to standing at the edge of a pond that you couldn't hike to the week before?  That's progress.  Pat yourself on the back - you've come a long way baby.

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.~ Lao Tzu

Which makes me look at my own (seemingly insignificant in comparison, yet still important) journey.  When I put down my backpack, and take a look down the trail I just hiked, I am in awe.  I've gone from unemployed to business owner.  I've gone from financially wrecked to doing OK.  I've gone from feeling anxious, worried, sad, scared ... to being just FINE.  I've gone from an unfulfilling, loveless marriage to being engaged to the love of my life who showers me with love, affection and respect.  What a journey... some of the steps were so small, I didn't even realize I made the step at all.

My future sister-in-law calls this process "Kaizen Vision" ... check out her blog - she gives some excellent advice on taking small steps.

When you put your pack down and look at your trail, what do you see?  How far have you come by taking small steps?  Where would you like to go, and what small step can you take to get there?

Paradise is Here, Paradise is Now.... Paradise is taking small steps.


  1. "Sometimes baby steps are so small, to the person taking them, they feel like they are standing still."
    SOOOOOOOOO true!

    Loved reading this post - so beautiful, so powerful.


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