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Friday, October 26, 2012

Ordinary, Average Life ....

"I wish to live ever as to derive my satisfactions and inspirations from the commonest events." Thoreau

I feel as though I am stuck in a Beatles song these days "It's just another day... du du du du du... Just another day..."

I know part of it's the weather, part of it's procrastination, and part of it is still feeling shell shocked from last months health scare that MyHoney went through..... but what ever it is, I am ready to lift out of it.  So, I decided to do something different.  No, not anything drastic like sky diving, or getting a tattoo, or hiking the application trail.  I just decided to break my routine, and instead of going straight home after work, I dropped in at a Meet Up at my local bookstore for Aspiring Writers. 

Perhaps to people who have aspired to be writers all their lives, sitting in a coffee shop, tapping away at the keys of a lap top, and sipping lattes is an ordinary average day.  To me, it was as foreign as stepping into another country without a passport.  I walked in, and there they were - fervently working on their masterpieces, some with their pads of paper, others with their macbooks and laptops.  I felt like a fraud.  What am I doing here?  I almost turned around and walked out, until I saw a familiar face, and she saw me too - she waved me over to sit with her, and there I was.... amongst writers .... holy shit.

Since this was a write in, introductions and small talk stayed to a minimum, then they got back to the task at hand... writing.  Ya... I guess I should write something.  Something brilliant of course.  You know, just like everyone else here at the table.  Yup - that's what I'll do... I'll write. I pulled out my laptop, arranged my pens and papers neatly before me on the desk, and waited (then prayed) for a lightening bolt of inspiration to hit. 

Ten minutes of checking Facebook statuses later, I stole glances at my cohorts like the kid who forgot to study during final exams.  Crap. They are all writing away - expertly.  I looked at the page in front of me ... my brilliance began and ended with the word "The .... "  Gawd... what am I doing here?  Cecilia started having a field day.   I am SO out of my element! Yes, yes, you are Cilly.... it's exactly what you needed, a break from your ordinary average life.... and amazing, above average and exciting can be uncomfortable at first.  Suck it up Cecilia - I'm taking you out of your comfort zone.

Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.  ~ Brian Tracy

A few paragraphs in, I started to forget about myself, and started to just enjoy being with other creative people.  I started to feel the creative energy in the room, and harnessed it as my fingers flew over the key board.  Stopping to sit back and admire the words on the page, I looked up and noticed that some of the other writers - experienced writers - ones who write for a living, were looking up from their notebooks, macbooks and laptops with pensive looks on their faces... searching for the right word, the right phrase - waiting (perhaps praying) for inspiration.  Maybe I belong here after all.

Paradise is Here, Paradise is Now .... Paradise is being willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable to try something new.

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