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Monday, October 1, 2012

Construction Ahead - Be Prepared to Stop

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No one ever tells you this as a small business owner.... or if they did, the words traveling at the speed of sound couldn't reach me  - the overly enthusiastic entrepreneur traveling at light speed towards fortune, fame and glory.  I thought once you were off and running, you ran full speed to the finish line.

So here is my Public Service Announcement - Rebuilding, Revamping, Reconstructing, Renewing  and Reworking the plan is inevitable.  Be prepared to detour, roundabout, U-Turn, go around, deviate, divert ... but most importantly - Be Prepared to STOP.

If you are like me, those words are bothersome, loathsome and can be brutally irritating.  They mean we have to slow down. Put on the brakes. They mean we aren't going to arrive at our destination "on time."  They conjure the thoughts of delays, shortfalls, and roadblocks.  Our productivity comes to a screeching halt.  It means we aren't seeing new vista's and mile markers.

There may be several things that stop you in your tracks - plans that didn't come to fruition, marketing plans that fell short, missed deadlines, or worse - financial constraints, illness or family emergencies that cause you to put down the baton for a while and sit out a leg or two of the relay race. Many entrepreneurs (err... rather, entrepreneur-wannabes) take this as a sign to quit.  Sorry... but you missed the exit.  But, if you are a quitter, it's good to get out now while you have a good excuse.  No one will blame you.  Well, not to your face anyway...

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For those of you who see the construction signs as warnings to slow down, detour, find a new path, or simply "recalculate" ... congratulations - you are going to make it.  It doesn't matter why you were detoured - it doesn't matter why your road was closed - the fact of the matter is it's time for a new road.  You need to get out the map - your map being your business and marketing plan, your vision statement, and your mission statement.  Don't have any of these? Don't despair - it's not too late, just understand your pit-stop may take a little longer.  Even if you've been in business several years, resources like SCORE, Small Business Associations and Entrepreneurial classes at trade and business schools are invaluable for getting back on track.

So if you find yourself sitting in traffic on the highway to success, be relieved to know that it's normal to have starts and stops in the course of your business - in fact, plan on it.  The important part is what you do once you are in the flow again.  It can seem overwhelming if you are in the mindset of needing to make up time.  Instead, rechart your course by writing down new objectives and goals.  Stay accountable by hiring a coach or joining a mastermind group.  Finally, keep checking your navigation systems by reviewing your plan often to make sure you are gaining speed and momentum once again.  And always, always... be prepared to stop.

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  1. "Stay accountable by hiring a coach or joining a mastermind group. Finally, keep checking your navigation systems by reviewing your plan often to make sure you are gaining speed and momentum once again."
    Truly GREAT Advice!

  2. Thanks Aileen - this approach has worked for me for sure!


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