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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome to Paradise ...

Last night, MyHoney and I went to a wedding.  Not as guests - he is a DJ and was hired to provide the music, and make sure everyone had a great time.  Mission accomplished - he is extremely talented at reading a crowd, and choosing just the right songs to keep everyone on the dance floor.

The wedding was held at Pemaquid Point, a BEAUTIFUL spot on the coast of Maine.  If anyone has ever spent any time in coastal Maine, you know the roads are windy, curvy - and most likely not on GPS.  On the way to the venue, we started to get the idea we were lost.  At one point, I needed to turn the van around and investigate another direction, and the road I pulled into to turn around in was:

How can we be lost if we found Paradise?

People often ask me "Why do you call your blog Paradise Found?"..... well, at first it was because when Destiny passed away - that phrase came to me over and over again, letting me know that she was ok, and it was her way to tell me I was going to be ok too.  It signified reassurance.  I needed reassurance in my life more than anything - I lost my soul-mate, my white wonder, my shadow.  Being reassured she wasn't "lost" but she had found, and had been found by Paradise was the most reassuring thing I could have in my life.  I clung to that with all my might.  A few days after Destiny passed, I lost my job.  Once again  - I needed reassurance.  I needed to know I was going to make it.  Paradise Found kept popping into my head.  How can I find Paradise while my world is falling apart?  I made it a mission to find it. Little did I know, it would find me.  Paradise is a cup of coffee on a cool autumn morning.  Paradise is a fleece blanket.  Paradise is dark chocolate.  Paradise is love songs drifting from MyHoney's office to my ears .. Paradise is my puppy snuggling up with me on the couch.  Paradise is a cool breeze, a babbling brook, a rainstorm.  Paradise is being awake, aware, and alive.   

Where do you Find Paradise? 

Paradise is Here, Paradise is Now, Paradise is the Way Life Should Be .... 

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  1. Such beautiful thoughts. I really appreciate your positivity.


Paradise is Here, Paradise is Now... Paradise is having people comment on my blog :)