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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

When someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES"! ...

Five years ago,  I drove to Massachusetts  - a little nervous, a little apprehensive, and a lot excited.  I was on my way to attend the first module of coaching training at iPEC Coaching.  I walked into the room and was greeted by twelve other amazing people who would soon become my life long friends.  I sat in a semi circle, and Stephanie, our leader warmly greeted us "Welcome Coaches"....

Wha???? I haven't learned anything yet! Why is she referring to me as a coach?  I'm not a coach!  But... as I learned, simply by making the commitment to myself, to my future and to my life, and by agreeing to walk the talk, do the work, and learn the material with the best of my ability, and apply it with the upmost integrity - I was a coach... all I was waiting for was the certification to be printed at the end of hundreds of hours later.  

Months later, not according to "plan," I lost my corporate job.  I was almost done with my coaching curriculum to attain my coaching certification.  While being consoled by MyHoney, and talking about what I would do next, he suggested I attend his networking meeting the next day.  Dispite feeling overwhelmed and underprepared, I agreed to go.  One by one, each professional went around and took turns introducing themselves, telling the group what they did, and what would be a good referral for them.  When it came to my turn, I stood and meekly said I was Priscilla Hansen, and "I was trying to start a coaching business"  On the way home, MyHoney offered constructive feedback, and pointed out that I said I was "trying" to be a coach and "hoping" to start my own business.  He pointed out it didn't sound confident.  In my best Lucy tone I lamented  "I don't feel confident right now! I don't even have my certification yet! I don't have any clients, I don't even have a name for my business!" (you BLOCKHEAD!) and that is when he turned to me and said "When someone asks if you are a god - you say "YES!"... And when someone asks you if you are a coach -you say "absolutely yes!" 

Since then, I have earned my certification, created and branded my business, and have many amazing clients.  I have no hesitation when introducing myself and explaining my profession to others.    It's become part of my identity - part of who I am. 

But now I am at the point I want to expand on my identity - I want to add "writer" to the mix.  I put out on Facebook that I would like to start or join a writers group, and a friend made an introduction to me to another writer.  He messaged me saying "Hey - I was told you are a writer"..... at first, I almost corrected him.  No... I'm not really a writer... I just write this little blog, a few articles, some copy for my website.... but then MyHoney's all time favorite movie quote came back to me ... "when someone asks if you are a god, you say YES!"  ... and I responded just that way - YES, I am a writer!  And he invited me to an artists/creative group - and I went... and I made amazing connections I wouldn't have other wise made if I denied myself my true identity - after all, I walk the talk of a writer - I write things, I put my work out there for people to read....ergo, I am a writer. 

When have you been asked if you were a god?  Did you say yes?  Do you need to practice saying "yes, I am a runner, I am an artist, I am a musician, I am a singer, I am ...... " Even if your confidence tells you otherwise?  If you can dream it, you can be it... so just BE your dream.  Be a god!

Paradise is Here, Paradise is now - Paradise is saying yes, I am a god!

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